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T. I. College Volleyball team in 1952-1953

Chairs (L to R): Mohammad Ahmad, Prof. Basharat-ur-Rehman (President Volleyball), Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Principal), Ghazanfar Ahmad Bajwa (Captain), Mahmood Ahmad
Standing: Mohammad Yahya, Raja Mohammad Aslam, Khadim Hussain Asad, Bashir Ahmad Nutqani, Mohammad Ashraf, Bashir Ahmad Khan Rafiq *************************************************************************************************************************

T. I. College Football team in 1952-1953


T. I. College Rowing Team in 1955-1957

Chairs (L to R): Nasir Ahmad Zafar, Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon, Anwar Ali, Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali (President Rowing Club), Nasir Ahmad Kahlon, Nasir Ahmad Sargodhi


Another photo of the same Rowing team

Standing (L to R): Maulana Arjumand Khan, Chaudhry Fazal Dad, Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Prof. Naseer Ahmad Khan, Mallah (trainer)

Sitting (L to R): Nasir Ahmad Zafar, Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon (marhoom), Anwar Ali, Nasir Ahmad Kahlon, Nasir Ahmad Sargodhi,


Champions of Nasir Basket Ball Tournament 1967-68

Chairs (Left to Right): Abdul Razzak, Naeem-ud-Din Ahmad, Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Kaleem Ullah (Punjab and University selected + Captain University Team), Ch. Mohammad Ali (Professor-in-Charge), Prof. Q. M. Aslam (Principal), Tahir Ahmad Qureshi (Punjab and University reserve), Zabeehullah (Capt. Board Team), Akram Sindhi, Abdul Raheed
Standing: (Left to Right): Irfan Khan, Haleem Mahmood, Javed Iqbal, Munir-ud-Din Babar, Munir Ahmad, Zubaid-ur-Rehman Naveed, Masih-ud-Din, M. Tufail

Photo sent by Aizaz Rasool

T. I. College has not only been an undisputed Champion in Basketball but has produced some of the finest players for the Pakistan National Teams. We are still struggling for their photographs. Aizaz Rasool has provided the following. A request has been made to Prof.Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, through Dr. S. M. Shahid, to send us some of the photos of the basketball teams. As soon as we get them, this page will be improved.

Aizaz and some T.I. College basketballers in Germany

Aizaz Rasool won many honours for the college and the for the nation

The haunted Basketball court of Government 2005 -

Fazal-e-Umar Cricket Club, Rabwah 1979

FOTBALL: Zakariya Virk has sent this Photo from Canada

HOCHEY (1966) with Principal Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam and Prof. Rashid Ghani - Sorry for the poor quality. It has been taken from Almanar. We shall b e grateful if anyone could provide a better photo


West Pakistan Rowing and Punjab University Rowing Champions

Chaudhry Mahfooz-ur-Rahman, Chaudhry Anis Ahmad and Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (known as Haji) and Nasir Ahmad Zafar (olding trophy) can be recognise. Who can tell us the other names?


Punjab University Rowing Champions 1963-64

Chairs: Mohammad Qasim Khan (Secretary) Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad (President), Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Principal), Mohammad Yar Sipra (Captain)
Standing: Ch. Hamid Ahmad Awan, Shahid Ahmad Kahlon, Muhammad Khan, Syed Mohammad Ahmad


Lahore Board Rowing Champions 1964-65


T. I. College Rowing team that won the Lahore Board Rowing Championship in 1962.

Mohammad Yousa, empty chair for Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Prof. Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad, Sanaullah, Aizazul Haq (marhoom among the standing). Who can tell us the other names?


Lahore Board Rowing Champions 1966-67

T.I. College Rowing team that won the Punjab University Championship in the year 1967-68 with principal Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam M. A. (Cantab) - (L to R) Naji, Prof. Hamid Ahmad, Principal, Safdar Anwar - Standing: Munawar, Zubair, Malhi, Masood Niaz, Waseem Chaudhry and Anwar

Annual athletics were one of the most attractive features of college life. Students, staff and their children all took part in competitions. Sultan and Muzaffar Bajwa were declared the best and the second best athletes in 1968

Mirza Mahmood Ahmad receiving sports prise from Soofi Sahib, Nasir Malik and Mahmood with Qazi Sahib

Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, Abdul Baseer Haye and Naeem Ahmad Kahlon 1970 Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon (Marhoom) receiving a prize for Sports

Winners of annual athletics- (1) Basit Marhoom and unrecognised and (2) Basit Marhoom and Zia

A Rowing Team Waseem Chaudhry, Masood Niaz, Naji, Zubair and Munawar Bajwa
On chairs: Anwar, Prof Hamid and Safdar Anwar

The college had one of the best boating clubs in the country and boating at the riverside was a popular pastime of students and staff

Tahir Mahmood Ahmad Kahlon and Shabbir Ahmad Bajwa

Individual Photos of Prominent Sportsmen


Our late Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (former MPA) , popularly known as Haji, distributing prizies in Sheikhupura, where he was the District Amir at the time of his demise. Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad is spent more years in the college than perhaps any other. Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad war an all-rounder, played many games, and captained Football, which was his favourite. He played Rowing and Volleyball as well, apart from being a very great athlete.


Our Munir Bajwa was an expert horse rider. Receiving prize from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III

Munir Bajwa took part in Neza Bazi competition held at Rabwah and won the first prize


Fazal Ahmad Shahid (Rowing) Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad (Rowing) Ch. Munir Ahmad Nasir (Football & Horse Riding)


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